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October 20, 2020

True Answers the Call for More Diversity in Tech with Launch of AboveBoard

HADDONFIELD, N.J., Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- True Search, the fastest growing executive search firm and 7th largest by revenue in North America, today announced the launch of its new sister company AboveBoard, an inclusive executive hiring platform. True co-founded AboveBoard with the goal of making executive search more accessible, efficient and equitable for its members and the companies who seek them.  The diversity-focused startup brings an innovative, transparent solution to the critical need to bring more women and executives of color to leadership roles.

AboveBoard's members can view, and express interest in, any of the hundreds of full-time and board roles listed on AboveBoard's platform.  This new approach to executive recruitment disrupts a decades-old model by putting control directly in prospective candidates' hands.

Conversely, companies and investment firms that use AboveBoard benefit from direct access to any executive interested in their opportunities.  Further, companies can deploy AboveBoard to support their efforts to recruit more underrepresented leaders thanks to the self-reported demographic information members are welcomed to provide.  

For both candidates and companies, this level of transparency has never before existed.

"In many ways, True Search and AboveBoard are complementary businesses that each offer creative executive talent solutions," said Joe Riggione, True co-CEO and AboveBoard Board Director. "AboveBoard co-founder and CEO Lucinda Duncalfe is doing an incredible job leading the business and positioning it to make a significant impact on executives' careers and companies' talent strategies, most importantly around diversity," Riggione added.

"The executive search industry as a whole has failed to consistently deliver diverse executive talent pools to hiring companies.  AboveBoard corrects this issue by providing inclusive candidate slates and empowering those executives to see all available opportunities," said Brad Stadler, True co-CEO and AboveBoard Board Director.  "AboveBoard's powerful sourcing solutions can complement traditional retained executive search by helping companies hire more under-represented leaders, and ultimately improve business outcomes," Stadler added.

True's reputation for innovation precedes AboveBoard's founding and is evident in its portfolio of companies.  True Search is the first executive search firm to share transparent, real-time software with its clients for all searches.  True later spun out this technology, which became the flagship product for SaaS company Thrive TRM. True has also founded Synthesis, which repurposed a unique leadership assessment methodology originally created for elite military forces, and applied it to business executives.

"I cannot imagine a better launch partner for AboveBoard than True," said Lucinda Duncalfe, AboveBoard's Founder and CEO. "True has enjoyed unparalleled success as the most innovative retained executive search firm in the industry and has been unflinching in facing the unfortunate truth that the industry has not delivered the diversity of leadership needed today. True has been extraordinarily generous in supporting us with access to its search clients, openings, and executives,"  Duncalfe added.

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The True platform is a global suite of products and services driving the intelligence behind talent management.

True Search
Global recruitment for board members, c-suite executives, VPs, directors and other strategic talent. We focus on investment firms, their portfolio companies, and public companies seeking transformative growth.  True Search is also a founding partner of AboveBoard, a diversity-focused startup bringing unparalleled solutions to the critical need to bring more women and executives of color to leadership roles.

Collaborative, real-time talent relationship management software and information services for search firms, in-house recruiters, and VC/PE firms looking to make better hiring decisions.

A multi-layered approach to leadership assessment and development which combines the evaluation methods of elite military units, executive coaching techniques and agile methodology principles.

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AboveBoard is an inclusive platform for executive hiring that is driving change from the top. We are revolutionizing how companies recruit and hire executives and board members by offering faster, cost-effective alternatives to traditional retained executive search that also expand opportunities for female, Black, LatinX, and executives from other underrepresented groups. Over 350 senior-level opportunities are already listed on AboveBoard. To learn more, visit

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