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There are traditionally two ways to find board and executive jobs: reach out to your network or wait to be contacted by a recruiter. This excludes countless qualified candidates, especially those from underrepresented groups—including Black, Latinx/Hispanic, and women—from ever having a chance at candidacy. We put the ball back in your court so you can stop waiting for opportunities to come to you and take charge of your career.
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Become a member
Completing your account and creating your executive profile takes only a few minutes.
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I love the ease of AboveBoard—just to be able to say “Hey, I’m interested in this opportunity. Are you interested in connecting further”. That direct connection piece of it, instead of having to fill out a whole application because people don’t have time for all of that. It’s a very easy and nice function that just saves so much time.
John Shumate
Placed on Board of Directors of The College Diabetes Board
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On a mission to diversify executive leadership

We are driving long-lasting change by expanding access to senior leadership opportunities—impacting not only individuals and organizations, but also the world around them.

By making executive leadership more reflective of the world we live in, we are encouraging fairer hiring processes, more inclusive decision-making amongst organizational leadership, and a more conscious society all-around.
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