A new paradigm in executive hiring

Building connections with the very best talent

We see two big problems in executive hiring today

There is only one model: the full-service retainer.
It relies on existing networks, which are not diverse.
There are two ways to make a board or executive hire: reach out to your own network or hire a retained executive search firm, which will use its network. Because these existing networks are most likely made up of people who all look the same, they tend to be exclusionary. AboveBoard’s power comes from opening up the hiring process to connect people across networks. That means the very best people will find the very best opportunities—a perfect fit.

AboveBoard opens up a closed system

AboveBoard is a technology-enabled platform that provides new options in executive hiring. Now, companies can find the diverse candidates they're looking for, with more flexibility than ever.
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Executives can raise their hand and connect directly with hiring companies.
Companies enjoy new ways to hire executives that are both efficient and inclusive.

The time for
change is now

For years, Diversity & Inclusion professionals have touted diversity as simply better for business. Countless top-tier companies have added D&I to their list of values. And yet, only 16% of executive team members in the United States are women, and just 2.7% of executives in senior roles at ten major tech companies are Black.

The reality is that, although corporate culture and values have changed, the faces of executives have not. If diversity is not to be a mere PR buzzword, there needs to be actionable change in the way that companies hire their executives. That is why AboveBoard exists.
Gender diverse executive teams are +27% more likely to have superior value creation.*
A infographic showing that gender diverse teams are 27% more likely to have superior value creation than non-diverse teams.
Ethnically and culturally diverse executive teams are +33% more likely to have industry-leading profitability.*
Infographic showing that ethnically and culturally diverse teams are 33% more likely to have higher profitability than non-diverse teams.
* Hunt, Vivian, et al. “Delivering through Diversity.” McKinsey & Company, January 2018.
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Who we are

Our founder/CEO, Lucinda Duncalfe, has been the CEO of companies funded by venture capital for 25 years, one of the 2-3% who are women. We have a deep commitment to changing the face of executive leadership around the globe.


Photograph of Lucinda Duncalfe, Founder and CEO of AboveBoard.LinkedIn iconLinkedIn icon
Lucinda Duncalfe
Founder/Chief Executive Officer
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Na’im Mckee
Vice President of Growth/Strategy
Photograph of Liz Palmer, Vice President of Customer Success and Operations at AboveBoard.LinkedIn iconLinkedIn icon
Elizabeth Palmer
Vice President Success & Operations
Photograph of Alena Weekes, Director of Product at AboveBoard
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Alena Weekes
Director of Product
Photograph of Jonathan Mildenhall, member of the board of directors at AboveBoard.LinkedIn iconLinkedIn icon
Jonathan Mildenhall
Photograph of Brad Stadler, Co-Founder and member of the Board of Directors at AboveBoardLinkedIn iconLinkedIn icon
Brad Stadler
Photograph of Joe Riggione, cofounder and member of the board of directors at AboveBoard.LinkedIn iconLinkedIn icon
Joe Rigionne
Photograph of David Olivencia advisor to  the board of directors at AboveBoard.LinkedIn iconLinkedIn icon
David Olivencia
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Aaron Clubb
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Brian O’Neill
Photograph of Dr. Frances Frei, advisor to AboveBoard.LinkedIn iconLinkedIn icon
Frances Frei
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Nick Caldwell
Photograph of Viola Maxwell-Thompson advisor to AboveBoard.LinkedIn iconLinkedIn icon
Viola Maxwell-Thompson

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