October 20, 2020

stupidDope jumps into the conversation about diversity and tech referencing True executive search and AboveBoard.

stupidDope covered True executive search's recent announcement regarding AboveBoard and the lack of diversity in tech. The conversation references AboveBoard's unique approach to executive hiring and True's role in cofounding the company.

“In many ways, True Search and AboveBoard are complementary businesses that each offer creative executive talent solutions,” said Joe Riggione, True co-CEO and AboveBoard Board Director. “AboveBoard co-founder and CEO Lucinda Duncalfe is doing an incredible job leading the business and positioning it to make a significant impact on executives’ careers and companies’ talent strategies, most importantly around diversity,”

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About AboveBoard

AboveBoard is an inclusive platform for executive hiring that is driving change from the top. We are revolutionizing how companies recruit and hire executives and board members by offering faster, cost-effective alternatives to traditional retained executive search that also expand opportunities for women, Black, Latinx, and executives from other underrepresented groups. Over 500 senior-level opportunities are already listed on AboveBoard. To learn more, visit

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