May 10, 2022

AboveBoard's $6 million seed will help place underrepresented folks in executive roles - TechCrunch

Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO and founder of AboveBoard, knows that she’s not the first to try to disrupt hiring pipelines in order to better position diverse candidates. But, the seasoned entrepreneur is optimistic that the angle her company is taking will make a difference, anyways.

The traditional executive hiring world is built in two main strategies: word of mouth or expensive headhunters. AboveBoard aims to tweak that by creating a two-sided marketplace in which employers can post job listings on a platform that they know has a diverse set of candidates.

“There’s a reason that executive hiring has traditionally had a professional services approach and been highly specific, it’s because only 40 people in the world can do that job,” she said. “The trick is to find the additional 10 that can.”

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About AboveBoard

AboveBoard is an inclusive platform for executive hiring that is driving change from the top. We are revolutionizing how companies recruit and hire executives and board members by offering faster, cost-effective alternatives to traditional retained executive search that also expand opportunities for women, Black, Latinx, and executives from other underrepresented groups. Over 500 senior-level opportunities are already listed on AboveBoard. To learn more, visit

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