Behind The Curtain:
The truth about executive hiring

We’re revealing the ins and outs of the executive search industry, what limits visibility into senior-level roles, and how executives can expand their access to opportunities.
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As you reach the rarefied heights of the executive tier, more than your title changes. The way executives are hired is completely different from non-executive roles. The language and lexicon of hiring even shifts at this level. For example, you are “placed” by a “headhunter” or “executive search professional”. Most importantly, there are almost no job postings for executive openings, so there is no way to know who’s hiring or what positions are open. Instead, there’s an entire industry dedicated exclusively to filling these roles: retained executive search.

Don’t worry if this is new to you–many experienced executives are surprised when they learn how it really works. Unless you’ve worked for a search firm, how could you have the inside scoop? The good news is that we’re going to pull back the curtain so that you know how to work the system.
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What you’ll learn

How board and executive opportunities really come about
The dynamics of the executive search industry
The ins and outs of the executive hiring process
Why executives miss out on board and full-time opportunities
How AboveBoard is expanding access to opportunities for executives

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AboveBoard is a premier resource and platform for executive hiring, providing open access to career opportunities for underrepresented groups of executives and curated services for companies looking to increase diversity within their leadership. We are on a mission to diversify executive leadership, making it more reflective of and impactful to the world we live in. Removing the limits of traditional executive hiring, we both widen recruiters’ networks to a more diverse talent pool and create transparent access to opportunities for underrepresented groups of executives—including Black, Latinx, and women. More than 40,000 executives and 2,400 companies are already using our platform.

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