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AboveBoard is an inclusive platform for executive hiring connecting senior executives with People and HR leadership opportunities at today’s leading high-growth organizations.
AboveBoard is an inclusive platform for executive hiring bringing together experienced executives and opportunities at today’s leading organizations.
Are you a People + HR executive (VP-level and above)?

Talented, Diverse, People + Human Resource Executives like you are in high demand.

Employment of senior leaders in People/HR is projected to grow approximately 9% from 2020 to 2030. Are you prepared to continue leading in this next phase of corporate growth? AboveBoard is on a mission to ensure that amongst this rise in opportunities, historically underrepresented groups of executives are fairly represented.

Until now, access to senior executive roles has been limited to who you know. Executive search is a traditionally exclusionary industry, relying on personal networks that exclude numerous potential candidates. This is where AboveBoard comes in.

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of People + HR Executives
are women
Women People + HR Executives earn 90¢ for every dollar their male counterparts
Average tenure of a People +HR Executive (in years)
 For far too long it has been hard to penetrate recruiting networks, identify opportunities, and get an honest consideration.

Change is required now, and that change starts with you.
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With AboveBoard, you gain direct, open access to hundreds of People + HR leadership opportunities

Our members have transparent visibility into hundreds of available executive roles from today’s leading companies that you otherwise wouldn’t see–with the ability to express direct interest. Not to mention, our membership is completely free and 100% confidential.

We’re addressing the lack of diversity in leadership head-on

AboveBoard pulls back the curtain—providing insightful career resources, uncovering traditionally hidden opportunities, and connecting networks of talented candidates to today’s leading companies and organizations.
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“Our clients want access to executives from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. AboveBoard helps us widen our search network to talent we wouldn’t have met otherwise, so that clients can make the most talented hire.”
Ben Dewar
Partner, co-Head of the People, Talent & Legal Practice
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