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Now that you’ve officially joined our platform, you’re just a few steps away from getting fully onboarded and connecting with members.
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For Opportunity Partners

Onboarding is the first step in getting started on the AboveBoard platform and meeting members. Below please find a step by step guide for posting opportunities:

Step 1 - Complete General Intake
  • New customers provide general information to establish a basic profile within the AboveBoard Platform
  • Note that Opportunity Partners that are PE/VCs should complete the general intake form to establish themselves as entities on the platform; portfolio companies should move directly to step 2
Step 2 - Complete Opportunity Intake Form
  • To post opportunities on the AboveBoard platform via Reach, hiring companies should complete the Opportunity Intake form. The form is inclusive of information about the role, job description, and other important details for members.
  • Once the form is completed the opportunity is “live” on the AboveBoard platform within 2-3 days
To initiate Slate or Accelerate offerings please contact the AboveBoard Success Team

For Hiring Companies

If you’re ready to post an opportunity to AboveBoard, fill out the appropriate form based on whether you’ve opted for Reach, Slate, or Accelerate. The job will be posted on AboveBoard once our Success Team approves the description. Members will then be able to view your opportunities and express interest in them.
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