The Guide to Navigating
the Great Reshuffling

With the help of three executive recruiters, we built this guide to help senior-level executives understand 2022’s trends in executive hiring, recognize their power in the talent market, and find their new role (or transition to a new function).
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The Great Reshuffling is a real-life phenomenon affecting job seekers and recruiters alike. Job seekers are leaving their old employers behind in search of positions that satisfy their profession, purpose, and passion. And with the demand for talent at an all-time high, recruiters and hiring companies are getting creative and shifting their tried-and-true strategies for something new. 

In hand with the Great Reshuffling, several trends have appeared in recent months that job seekers should pay close attention to. With this guide, you’ll be able to better understand and navigate these trends. From staying connected to your network to making the most of your resume, this toolkit will walk you through the new landscape of executive hiring (and help you make it through to the other side). 

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