Expanding access to opportunities for Hispanic/Latinx executives

AboveBoard is a career resource for senior-level executives providing open access to board, full-time, and network-enhancing opportunities.
AboveBoard is expanding opportunities for diverse executives to access VP, C-suite and board opportunities, while expanding employer access to qualified candidates.
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Only 3.4% of all senior executives and 3% of board directors are Latino or Hispanic

The reality is that current executive hiring processes are very limiting and exclusionary—they either rely on limited personal networks or the limited networks of executive search firms. This tends to leave out a lot of qualified executives, especially Latinx and Hispanic, due to their historical underrepresentation in the executive ranks.

And this is the very reason why AboveBoard is here. We are putting the power back in your hands and leveling the playing field. No more waiting on companies to reach out to you. With our free and confidential AboveBoard membership, you gain direct visibility into hundreds of open board and senior executive opportunities and can express direct interest with the company on any that fit your expertise.

Representation for Hispanic/Latinx


Representation for Latino and Hispanic leadership

CEOs in US are Hispanic/Latinx
Vice President in US are Hispanic/Latinx
Fortune 500 Board Directors in US are Hispanic/Latinx
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AboveBoard is on a mission to expand access to board and senior-level opportunities for Hispanic/Latinx executives.
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Open visbility into 600+ board and executive opportunities

We extend companies’ reach to include untapped networks of highly qualified, underrepresented executives. As an AboveBoard member you have open visibility into hundreds of open board and executive opportunities from today’s leading companies that you otherwise wouldn’t see. Not to mention, our membership is completely free and 100% confidential.

A new paradigm in executive hiring

AboveBoard is revolutionizing how companies recruit and hire executives. Our platform gives traditionally excluded and underrepresented executives visibility to opportunities at top organizations and the power to access them, while expanding companies’ reach to discover top talent that they otherwise would not find. We are driving long-lasting change by diversifying executive leadership—impacting individuals, organizations, and also the world around them.
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"Aboveboard is a differentiating resource for corporations and hits the "Suite" spot for corporations that are looking for strong executive, C-Suite and board leaders. The hyper-growth of underrepresented senior executive leaders on the Aboveboard platform is helping corporations as they look to diversity and strengthen this vital part of their organization."

David Olivencia
Co-Founder, Hispanic IT Executive Council
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AboveBoard is here to change executive search and, thereby, the world

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Take control of your own destiny

AboveBoard gives you unique access. Today we have over 400 board and executive opportunities from our partner True Search and from investors like Insight Partners, Warburg Pincus and General Catalyst and their portfolio companies. We have openings at Fortune 100 and startups alike. You can see all of those opportunities on AboveBoard and choose whether to expose your confidential profile to be considered for any specific one. You will see opportunities you have had no way to know about, and you control the process.
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AboveBoard offers hiring companies and their investors a new alternative in the executive hiring market. Sitting in the gap between retained executive search and doing it all yourself, we offer cost effective options while extending your reach into untapped networks of highly qualified underrepresented executives.
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On a mission to drive change from the top

As a candidate-driven platform fueled by transparency rather than exclusivity, AboveBoard is shifting the paradigm in executive hiring. We level the playing field and let every qualified executive see what’s happening in the market. We are open and inclusive—the result is authentic, mutually beneficial connections.

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